I made this image in photoshop and thought it demonstrated many things we were learning in class. The obvious rule here would be repetition. Not only is there three heads, there is three sheep. I also used some of the tools from photoshop we were learning in class. Letters can be different colours by individually highlighting each letter and changing the font or colour. Try some different things to get the perfect look. I used the clone stamp to take away the shine on the bald mans head because it makes a smoother, faster difference then using spot healing. The magnetic lasso works better if you click the outline of what you want instead of just letting it do its own magic. Little Bo Peep was not just a simple image from google. Here is the image I took her from: vintage_little_bo_peep_mother_goose_nursery_rhyme_postcard-p239977495814646209enq37_216

There are many different tools in photoshop to make your picture stand out from others. Don’t forget to get creative and don’t be afraid to mess up, you could just end up making a unique picture that knowone else will have. I originally wrote use your imagination and decided just imagination was more visually appealing. Have some fun and enjoy.



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