Positive & Negative Space


As I flip through magazines, I breeze by this ad all the time without taking a second glance. But this time, the advertisement caught my eye immediately. I thought to myself, why all of a sudden am I noticing this ad? Normally, I always just think about messages when I see different print ads, except now, I’ve become visually involved.  I think to myself, what is the purpose of this layout and why is it important to me? Well, since we talked about the concept of positive and negative space, I’ve become attuned to various forms of advertising based on their visual appeal alone. As we discussed in class, this ad is a perfect display of positive and negative space since there are no features, just the silhouette that the black and pink make. The features of the women are laid out in black and my eye instantly goes to her hand. Although, not the main focus of the ad, the hand is the most detailed and it brings the eye back across the ad to the iPod.  Not only is space apparent here, but contrast as well. The pink and black complement each other very well and this allows for the white of the iPod to shine through. It is interesting to notice how I now notice different visuals rather than the message itself. It’s great to be able to think outside the box and really reflect on how various visuals affect me. Until next time….




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