Heineken’ Jammin Festival image

Heineken' Jammin Festival image

As I scrolled through a series of advertisements, what initially caught my attention with this image was the bright stage. It wasn’t until I looked at the image for a few moments that I realized what was going on. The advertisement is showing the Heineken’ Jammin Festival held in Venice. I like the angle they chose for the photo. The bird’s eye view creates a different perspective and shows the enormous crowd with their arms in the air. Seeing all these people creates repetition and shows the unity in the crowd, which I think promotes the festival well. I thought it was interesting that they used the lights and the stage to create positive space of what I’m assuming would be a glass of Heineken’ beer. They place this positive space in the dead centre, which makes the beer hard to miss. The negative space would be anything black in the image, like the back of the stage and the audience without light shining on them. I like this image because I think it promotes the festival and the beer well without using text. If you look closely in the bottom right hand corner it shows what the ad is for, but I think in order for people to know what the ad is about, the image has to capture the them first. I like this image and I think it says a lot without having to use much text.



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