Layers and Transparency


As I was searching through Google images I found this really cool picture. Once I looked at it for a few minutes, I realized that I would probably be able to do something like this using Photoshop. I think that the designer likely used three or four different pictures and put them together on Photoshop or something similar.

In order to get this picture to look the way that it does, the designer would have had to open each photo as a separate layer and edit each photo individually before putting them all together. Some key tools that they likely used were the magnetic lasso, blur and transparency.

I think that the main thing that drew me to this image was the cohesiveness of all of the images. Everything has a green tinge, creating an earthy vibe. This is probably created by flattening all of the images together then adding a hue. The analogous colours that are used create very minimal contract. Even though there is no colour contrast, the woman’s face is still the main focal point. This is because of the light radiating from above her.

This is a good photograph because, even though there are a lot of different  visual elements, there is only one main motif. The main motif is the woman’s face, the secondary motif is the butterfly and the rest of the forest acts as white space. The white space enhances the main motif instead of taking away from it.

See what photos you can put together to create a similar look!


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