Birthday Invitation

Birthday Invitation

My mother asked me to make a birthday invitation for my younger sister who is turning 13 next week, so I thought I could try using a couple simple things off of photo shop to create a kid friendly birthday invitation. It was simple to make, just 5 separate layers and using the magnetic lasso tool, the magic wand, the text tool and different fonts. I didn’t post the actual address information or number but once we get these printed we will put in the accurate information. My sister is a colorful and out going little girl so I knew this would be the perfect fit for her!

I know I could use this same type of format when sending out information for businesses ect.. I would just use a more formal approach by using business pictures or logos and using more toned down colors and simple fonts.

Using simple fonts for important events make it easier and clear for the audience to read important information so I certainly wouldn’t use this font for business use.


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