Campbell’s Mm Mm Good

This photo follows all the four principles in the CRAP design. The first, Contrast, can be seen in the bright colours that this photo displays. The vibrant colours behind all the different cans are all bold colours that provide the contrast to make the cans and cause their designs to pop. The second, Repetition, is easily seen by the eight cans displayed in the image. There are two rows of Campbell’s cans showing us four in the top half of the photo, and four in the bottom half of the image. The third principle, Alignment, can also be easily seen by the rows and columns that this photo provides between the cans. The different coloured backgrounds align perfectly with one another causing the contrast to stand out even more. For example, in the first column in the photo the top background is a rusty oranges colour and the row beneath is it a mint green colour. The two colours, when placed side by side do not go together well, it is visually unappealing. However, when placed one colour on top of the other in the context of this photo (and the other colours provided in each column) the two, orange and green, go together. The final principle, Proximity, shows us that the image places ‘like’ with ‘like’. This can be seen with all the Campbell’s soup cans placed side by side, and one on top of the other. The rows and columns that this photo provides help with not only alignment but also the proximity of imagines. Since the cans are so evenly placed in the imagine the proximity of them next to each other is quite visually appealing.  

– Paige Image


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