Trees in a cup

Trees in a cup

I was looking through some scenery photos on Flickr and stumbled across this photo. Not quite what I was expecting to find when doing a search for scenery. It’s quite interesting though. This photo is very monochromatic. They chose an interesting angle and camera focus. Capturing the reflection of the trees was a very interesting creative choice that the photographer made. This created an interesting texture to the photo, making around the reflection blurry. The neat thing they did as well, was making the foreground of the picture the background (the mug/pale/whatever it is), and what would be the “background” the foreground (tree’s reflection). Does that make sense? The artist chose to leave a bit of interpretation to the mind. Is this reflection in a bucket? a cup? a mug?

Another observation I made is the negative space of the image. The black on the photo would be the negative space (the reflection, edges of the pale, etc) and the positive space being the lighter purple/blue.

Overall, I think this is a rather interesting and well composed photograph. The concept of capturing the reflection of the trees rather than just taking a picture of the trees was neat.

– Kyle


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