CRAP- Principles of Design

CRAP- Principles of Design

This photo I stumbled upon on Google images completely follows the four principles in the CRAP design. First off the contrast is shown throughout the different color contrasts between each section of the picture; as well the tones add a nice contrast for the eye to look at. Repetition is clearly used throughout this picture because each image is carefully sectioned off equally and spaced out evenly to repeat the simple but effective repetition to draw the audience’s attention. Thirdly the alignment is done precisely to make sure the eye sees no difference between the sections. This is done so that you can see that even though each section of the picture may be a different contrast, tone or color it still fits together as one whole. Lastly proximity shows up within this image because each piece of the photo is lined up beside one another to provide perfect proximity of the images. This image was designed to draw the attention of the viewer, but for me it was almost like a puzzle, now when I look at images I am always trying to figure out how exactly I could do that to an image in photo shop.
For this image I would slice the image into different sections then use the editing tool for different color templates until I found ones that looked nice together. I’m hoping for me next blog post I will be able to try something similar to this and see how it goes!


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