This is a very interesting advertisement/poster for the Audi R8. I like the way they have designed it. When I’m looking at cars the front end front end of a car is always the determining factor on whether I like the car or not. Sporty headlights, LED accents with HID or Halogen, all represented with a fierce, sporty looking feel is ideal. The Audi R8 captures this and successfully represents it through this print ad. I’m going to evaluate the print ad using the CRAP principles:

You can really see the contrast between the silver car and the black background. This makes the car pop off the ad and really capture your attention to the sporty feel of the front end.

Repetition: The style is repeated through out the entire print add. Complementing the white text with the red text. The sleek silver/white/red repetition gives the ad a very sleek and fierce appearance to it.

Alignment: They put the car in the lower third of the ad while having text above, leading your eye down to the focal point of the ad: the car.

Proximity: They used an up-close, photo of the front end of the car giving the viewer kind of a in-your-face feel. Gives off the cars bold and confident personality.

Overall, I really like this print ad. They did a good job at making it capture the viewers attention.

– Kyle


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