Purple trees


I found this photo on Pinterest and I’m also including the original link here: http://marymcgeeinteriors.blogspot.ca/2012/05/whats-your-cause.html


I thought this photo was quite interesting for several reasons. Firstly, you can see the extreme colour contrast in this image plays a huge factor in why this photo is so eye catching. The purple trees blend so beautifully into the grey rocks, and the bright blue water below. You can see that the editor has also carried the purple tree idea farther away in the photo too because you can see tints of purple off in the distance.


The second reason why I like this photo so much is the way the river acts as a leading line into the mountains. When I look at this image my eye starts at the bottom of the photo where the riverbed is at it’s largest. Then my eye travels upwards toward the top of the photo where the riverbed narrows. Finally, I look up and see the mountains in the background. The way that this photo is done gives this scenery justice to the vast size of the mountains, rocks and riverbed.


The third reason why I like this photo is because of the proximity of all the different elements that are seen within this image. This follows the last principle from the CRAP rules. The rocks and trees are broader at the bottom of this photo, where the riverbed is also larger. As I said before the riverbed acts as a leading line up the centre of the image, as the riverbed does this the trees and rocks because closer together as well creating a closer proximity in the image.


Overall, I really enjoy the different elements, colours and the overall layout of this image and thought that it was a really interested photo.


– Paige


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