Recreating Ad using PhotoShop


I found this image on Google images. After learning what we have in Photoshop these past few weeks, it is easy to see how the creator would go about making this ad. The first thing they would need to do is change the background color. The next step would be to take a picture either from Google or from a photo, and use the copy and paste technique to place it on the purple layer. If this image was too large the creator could use the scale tool to insure that the picture keeps the same shape. Holding the ALT button and using the mouse to shrink or large the image. Once the image is to the desired size, the creator would use the magnetic lasso to remove any background or anything unwanted from the original image. When this has been finished the creator can now add the text. Using the Text option the creator can make the text any font and font size and move it around the image for the best look. Once the image has been completed the creator is able to either place this on the Internet or print it. For these different tasks the creator will be required to save as in different options. The best option for print is a .TIF and the best option for the web is .GIF. Before exiting and using the images the creator must flatten the image. By flattening the image you’re unable to come back to edit it so, therefore, the creator must make sure that the image is the way that they want it. By flattening the image all the layers are compressed into a single picture creating the full image.

-Brittany Smith


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