CRAP, shown by the love of my life

CRAP, shown by the love of my life

Anyone that has met me knows that my hamster is the love of my life (trust me, I am a sane person, he is just so cute!) I think this is my favourite picture of all time of my hamster.

As for contrast, I like to think that there are different elements of colour in this photo because of the time of day when the image was captured. It is night time, and there is only a small light in the corner. This allows for yellows, oranges and browns to come through the picture.

Repetition, ok so maybe this is not the best picture to explain this element, but if you look through my phone, every second picture is of him, so I think that counts ;). If anything, his whiskers go on and on, so that could count too!

As for alignment, if you have ever tried to take a picture of a hamster, or any rodent, it is a very difficult task. It was a huge accomplish to actually get his body aligned in the photo, and his eyes looking in the right direction. (Peanut butter people, it works every time. )

Proximity, I think its pretty cool how the bed post and window show up in the background of the photo, in comparison to his body, those objects are both HUGE. But the way the image is focused on hammi, he takes up the shot making him look like he is taking over the room.

So there are my examples of the CRAP rules of photography as shown through a photo of my hamster. I like to think that it is a pretty nice photo considering how small he is and that I took it on my phone. Does anyone else out there like to take an obsessive amount of photos of their pets? I hope I am not the only one out there.

I promise next time I will post a professional picture, But i just felt the need to show off my child 😉



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