Visual Mind Tricks


As I’m doing research for another course, I came across this picture. I first look at it and think this is definitely a real image. Take a look at the detailing, the trucks have their make information and the workmen standing around are detailed. Sure, the sky looks a little too blue and the crane is very yellow but I just figure it`s been Photoshoped. To me, this looks just like a real image with a couple of touch-ups.

Now that the image has gotten my attention, I decide the read the article which is about a pilot project for affordable “micro-unit housing“ in New York City and this image won the design and proposal bid. As I flip back to the photo, I can instantly notice that it in fact is not a real image, rather it’s a computer generated design. Once you notice the workmen`s shadows and the snow on the orange cones, I could definitely notice the difference.

It was crazy to think that my mind could be tricked like that. At first, there was no clear visual of what was real and what was not until after I read the information. The way the image is laid out and the content that is present really brought to light some of the emotional responses we have to visual stimuli. The colors, contrast and visual messaging came together to get me thinking about what really appeals to me as a consumer. Until next time…




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