Apple CRAP

Apple CRAP

The use of Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity (CRAP) can be found in any successful web page design. This is used in order to ensure readers stay interested in what it has to offer, and are visually pleased. Apple does a great job of this throughout there website, making it extremely effective and easy to navigate.

Contrast – The idea behind contrast is to create drama through different visuals. Apple does this by using the gray scale to go from, white, to gray then black. This makes the page, first easy to look at, but then still eye grabbing as black on white is a bold look. The idea of blue being used as a highlighting tool makes it easy to see, without being overly stimulating, like a colour such as red would be.

Repetition – The repetition of the same font throughout the webpage makes it straightforward to maneuver. This constant use of the same font allows us to focus on content, without being overwhelmed by visual tricks.

Alignment – Sophisticated would be a great word to describe the Apple webpages stance on alignment. It includes clean lines, clean shapes, all with the purpose of accessibility. A simple style with sharp choices allows abstract alignment to appear nature while still remaining clean.

Proximity – The use of proximity of text boxes allows for Apple to continue on ideas, while creating diversity of text. This allows for a theme to be broken down further, yet remain visually consistent with other topics of similarity.

For a closer look at the Apple website check out:

– Emily N


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