Colour in Advertisements

I was searching the web and I came across this very interesting article. I have attached a link to the article for everyone to check out. The article is titled, “What colors attract customers to your website?” In the article, the author talks about how, depending on the colors on your website, you can either attract or un-attract customers to further view and possibly buy something from your website. It also discusses what colors should be used to target certain audiences, and every color says something about the company. For example, blue symbolizes trust and reliability where silver means prestige.

After reading this article, I thought really? People are going to exit from a website all because of a color? But the more I thought about it, I realized I have chosen clothing, for their colors. I have never really considered how much thought companies put into choosing colors. The example used in the article said that marketing researchers have found that working class people prefer colors that you can name like blue, red, and yellow where as highly educated people prefer “higher class colors” such as taupe and mauve. This is why Walmart’s color is blue, because these are the customers they want to attract and those that they market towards. I thought this was very interesting and true in most stores.

I never have thought about this concept until I read this article, I encourage you all to read it as well!
It really opens your mind and perspective on advertisements and websites. Consider this the next time you see a website, what colours are they using? What do these colours say about their company?



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