H&M Issues with Models (well… part of the models)



A couple of years ago H&M founds themselves in trouble after people realized that they were simply putting model’s heads on computer generated bodies. To make it worse for H&M, they actually used the same bodies repetitively. Now, ethically this is wrong… and weird but to look at it from a “Photoshopping” perspective it is gold. 

In class we’ve went over numerous techniques in Photoshop and for many of us (at least me) understanding what to do is hard enough, actually making things look good can be tedious and difficult. In these photos the creators of the bodies did some impressive work. They matched the skin tones of each model’s face, provided enough lights on certain sections to make it look “real,” changed the clothing for every different picture and very effectively made the heads look fairly natural on each body.

There’s no question that it’s strange that they would go to such lengths to provide their clothes with a “perfect figure” (I won’t even get into that discussion) but to look at it from a creation stand point; the art is incredible.

If anyone is interested in this whole debacle, this link has a great story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2070393/H-M-putting-models-heads-generated-bodies-sell-swimwear.html#axzz2JxYtCgbu

– Chris


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