Interesting Advertisement

Interesting Advertisement

When I was driving home the other day I saw this ad on the side of a bus stop and it immediately grabbed my attention. At first all you see are the yellow lemons, and then your eye is attracted to the odd one out, the bright red lemon.

So you think to yourself, if all the other lemons are yellow, and one is red, there must be a reason for it. So then of course your eyes and brain are looking for an answer, so you look down at the text. Plain & simple, if you see red call your doctor.

Now, of course you can piece together because the ad is put out by Bladder Cancer Canada, they are telling you if you see red in the bathroom to call your doctor. For a split second I thought how funny would it be if someone thought something was wrong with them because they saw the red in the lemon when they weren’t suppose to. That would be kind of sad, haha.

Anyways, I think this ad has used text & colour perfectly. It took all of the 5 seconds that I saw the ad to get the memo it was trying to send. Your eye is attracted to the gorgeous colours of the lemons (especially this time of year when it is so grey out) then you quickly try to find the explanation for the image.

I think ads that play a trick with our eyes, or ask us to look for an explanation work best when you are trying to attract someone quickly to your cause or product.

I really like this advertisement, hopefully someone else has also seen it on the street!

– Emma


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