Layers and Contrast


One of the first things that we discussed in class was contrast. Contrast can be defined as the arrangement of opposite elements, which in this case are dark and light, or grays and yellows.

Contrast can play a very important role in photos and in this case I find that it creates two completely different feelings depending on which side of the photo you are focusing on. The left side of the photo, which consists of bright yellows and oranges creates a warm feeling, full of life. The right side which consists of grays creates more of a cool night time feeling.

Throughout our time learning how to use Photoshop one of the most important techniques that I have learned to use is the arrangement of layers. With the use of different layers and how they are arranged it is easy to create depth and other effects in a photo. In this particular photo one can notice three distinct layers. The background layer on the left side is clouds and stars on the right. The second layer is rays from the sun and moon and the top layer is a silhouette with a boy playing and enjoying the sun on the left and a wolf howling at the moon on the right. Although the techniques used are not overly complicated and pretty easy to duplicate I found the way they were arranged to be very clever. It is photos like this that I enjoy because they open my eyes to new possibilities with Photoshop.

Blaise T


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