Mac Make Up – CRAP




Contrast: The mixture of the dark purple and black is an exceedingly good contrast in comparison to the skin on the model. With the lighter purple and gold make up on the model it highlights her face, which really captures your attention.


Repetition: The consistency of purples, gold’s and whites carries out the theme throughout the entire ad. With the texture on the models shoulder it gives the allusion of snakeskin, which the ad is trying to portray.


Alignment: The frame around the model in the white gives the image the look of a portrait. With the face directly in the middle of the frame your eye is automatically drawn to the model’s face that also draws your attention to her make up and the color plate.


Proximity: With the picture solely focused on her face and the way her face is angled you are able to see all the colors of the new make up plate. With the texture on her shoulder and the look on her face gives off a sly look like a snake.


This unique ad catches ones eye at first glace intriguing them to look further into it and seeing what it is about.  Make-up ads are all so common now a day portraying a natural, barely their look. With this add they use the color plate in their new line to create art rather then just doing the models make up. All and all this ad is do a really good job at capturing attention of the viewers in a unique way.





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