Pinterest Finds

Pinterest Finds

I came across this photo while I was wasting time on Pinterest like I always do. I was exploring the art section and this one caught my eye. The photo is street art in Lebanon. It is from the website The photo shows contrast through each bright color on each step of the stairs. The main contrast seen is between the primary colors but there is also contrast between the stairs and the walls surronding them. Repetition plays a big part in this picture because you are drawn to each stair, they are each different but also the same. Alignment is shown through the outline of the stairs leading off into the distance and you wonder what is at the top of these stairs. Proximity in this picture is kind of cool because the angle of the photo shows that the first stairs are larger than the stairs further up. All the stairs are essentially the same size but the angle and the way they are in the distance makes them seem different lengths. I love this picture and I would love to photograph something like this. I wish we had similar scenery in Halifax because It is so neat and has so many visual elements on its own. I thank Pinterest for this one.
– Alexandra


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