Swiss Apple

The Apple

Combining two of the previous journal assignments, I decided to take a crack at my first swiss design using the apple from the first entry. I underestimated how difficult it is to make a decent looking image using elements from the swiss design layout. For one, every single item, letter, line and figure have a reason for being there, line up with something else and otherwise serve some sort of purpose. With my image, it was essential that I have the apple in there somewhere but I knew it would be a challenge considering most swiss design images tend to not use real images. However, even before I added in the apple at the end, just the text and the lines were difficult to arrange in a way that both made sense, and was visually appealing. I also purposely avoided using colour as that would only increase what I had to consider. I did use a grid with this, ensuring everything was properly lined. This is my first attempt and hopefully, if I decide to continue with this style and with creating images in general, I’ll get better over time.

The words are rough german translations of smart, important, improvement, planning, input and cooperative; representations from the apple image.


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