The Analogous Beach Scene

The analogous beach scene

Throughout the week of January 22nd and 25th we experimented further with Photoshop and worked closely with the combining of two images to create one. We did this through utilizing layers, followed by working with the lasso tool then finally the flatten tool.

This reminded me of the familiar advertisement of a popular beverage “Corona”, where a visual theme would be a bottle placed on a beach. The image above can be found at the website As it is clear the images are taken from different files, I had always wondered how they created such a seamless combination. It is now clear that tools such as the magic wand feature, the gradient feature as well as the tools mentioned above make it simple for brands. It shows that while much work is placed into the creation of a flawless final image, it is made easy in terms of program use. Instead attention to detail is needed to make these advertisements so successful, ensuring shadows and blemishes are hidden.

While the symbolism of the bottle on the beach may be used to create a sense of relaxation and refreshment, the colour relationship used works magnificently in partnership to create these emotions. Upon further examination of this advertisement, I was able to note the analogous combination of colours displayed in all of Coronas advertisements. Shades of blue, green and yellow are the focus of the eye catching promotional material as well. With this, the usage of tints creates dimension, drawing the eyes onto the product.

– Emily N


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