Colour Contrast and Tone


I thought that this photograph was an awesome example to describe how colour can play a vital role in the tone of an image. Setting aside the fact that the designer chose to use the warm colour of orange and the cool colour of green, the viewers can clearly see a disconnect between these six fish.

The viewer’s eye automatically goes to the green fish, both because of the colour and because of the alignment of the entire photograph. The other orange fish and all facing one way and directing the eye to the green fish. Without seeing this photograph in an actual advertisement either in print or on the web, the viewer is able to distinguish that it is representing a sort of disconnect between the different coloured fish. This indicates that a company could you this image to visually represent them standing apart from their competition or how they go against the norm.

Applying this to my own life as a university student, I realize that I use this technique all of the time. When I am reading through my notes and I come across something that I think is important, I pull out my highlighter so that I can turn back to it when I am preparing for a test. If I did not highlight my pages, I would have no idea what would be important information for the test and would waste time going through and reading over all of my notes instead.

I did not realize how much this one design principle in particular is used. It can be found all around us. Just look around!

– Erika Murray


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