Beyonce’s Lights Out Post Halftime Show

Super Bowl Football

Whether or not Beyonce’s halftime spectacle caused the power outage during Sunday’s Super Bowl, the fans in New Orleans were left with a stadium that was nearly exactly half lit.

As the tv camera panned the stadium, I stopped sipping my beer and realized I had an excellent opportunity for a blog post. While one half of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was perfectly lit, the other was awash with an eery darkness.

What struck me most about the image was its constrast. The bright yellow upright stood tall in the nearly black background. It reflected what remained of the overhead lighting and showed clearly against the dark stands and ceiling.

Also, you can make a case for some repetition in the photo. You have two semi circles of light followed by the same semi circles in darkness as well as the two strips of stadium seating along the lower half of the photo.




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