Hot Air Balloons Meet The Four Basic Principles


While looking through Google images I spotted this photo. The bright colours and reflections of the hot air balloons immediately caught my eye. I thought this photo followed the four basic principles really well. The four basic principles are contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.

I really like the contrast of the background along with the different shapes, patterns, and colours on the hot air balloons. All the patterns and colours are definitely a huge part of what drew me in.

In this photo the repetition is the hot air balloons lined up on the coast line in a row. I also consider the reflections in the water of the hot air balloons to be a type of repetition.

Alignment in this photo would be the hot air balloons and the trees. If you take a close look at the photo you’ll see how the hot air balloons are aligned with the tress in the background.

Since the hot air balloons appear to be in close proximity of each other they can be considered one visual unit.

Overall I think it is a very eye catching photograph and could be used for advertising an event of this nature.



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