Paint The Way To Knowledge



A few years ago I decided to paint my bedroom two of my favourite bright colours, lime green and aqua. At the beginning I often wondered if the colours went together. I eventually got over it and stopped questioning it because I just loved the colours together so much.

When reading through The Non-Designer’s Design Book last week I came across tertiary colours which are colours that can be produced by combining either one primary colour with one secondary colour, or two secondary colors. I continued reading and found a page on analogous colours, which is a combination of colours that are beside each other on the colour wheel. They all share the same undertone therefore the colours will always match. You can even try combining them and adjusting the tinting and shading.

To my surprise the example of Analogous colours, had the exact colours of my bedroom. This made me wonder how many other artsy subconscious decisions have we all made through our lives using these techniques just because they felt right or looked good.



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