Photoshop Magic

Photoshop Magic

Again, like my last photo, I found this one on Pinterest. I spend hours on there… I thought this was a really neat photo. Before using Photoshop hands on or understanding what was possible with it, I would never have known how this photo could have been created. Using different layers, you could blend a photo of a man swimming into any atmosphere. Using the lasso and gradient tool after creating a layer mask I feel as if I could create something similar, which would be awesome. The photo also makes sense for the man to be swimming in the lane because he is replacing a car, swimming towards the end of the road that the lines are leading us to. The photo would be completely different to me if the swimmer was just placed into a field or a shopping mall. It could have multiple meanings and also could work well for some time of advertisement. Also the angle that this photo was taken makes the swimmer fit so perfectly. It also helps that the road that would have been in the first layer is already wet from what we would assume is the rain. The made it much easier to add the splash of water from the swimmer. It would be cool to create something similar to this on Photoshop using my own pictures.


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