Positive or Negative?


One of the topics we covered in class is the use of positive and negative space. When used right positive and negative space can create interesting and confusing pictures. Many pictures that use it to create an image often have more than one possible image in the picture depending on how the viewer perceives it.

In this particular photo the positive and negative space run into each other to create interesting object outlines. The negative runs into the positive creating hands which are picking up objects with in the positive space.  

I find pictures like this very interesting as the person who has created it has obviously put in a good amount of brain storming to come up with an idea like this. The outer line of the city (positive space) also plays the role of the outline of hands (negative space). The creator of this image really puts the negative space to use, which is something that is not normally done. In my opinion this use of negative space really shows the creativity of the creator and adds a whole other element to the picture.


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