Ray Lewis has a ridiculously large and disproportional hand? YUP


In the spirit of the incredible game this past weekend, in which the greatest defensive player and most inspirational person in world, Ray Lewis – and the Ravens – won the Super Bowl I thought this advertisement was fitting.

There are three main principles that hit me when I saw the ad:

  1. Repetition
  2. Contrast
  3. Use of a photo altering program (for the sake of simplicity let’s assume they used Photoshop)

Repetition: Old Spice is well known producer of “smell good” products like deodorant and body wash. They are known for their weird commercials and use of large men. For this ad however, I find the repetition in the company name. The words Old Spice appear three times… in this small ad. It is written on the product, in the mocking writing of Ray Lewis and on the bottom banner. I think we all know what the ad is selling after a few seconds

Contrast: The Old Spice bottles are red, is there anything else red? Of course not. The contrast causes the eye to notice what’s different which just so happens to be the red bottles of Old Spice body wash.

Photoshop: Notice the hand holding the body wash. Unless his hands are extremely disproportioned to his body and he is somehow mutated, I’m quite positive they Photoshopped his fingers to hold more products.

– Chris


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