Symmetry/ Monochromatic

Symmetry/ Monochromatic

This photo of the elephant is a great example of symmetry. It would be almost exactly the same if you were to cut the photo in half- which shows a great use of symmetrical balance in photography. It is very rare that photographers can get such a still symmetrical photo of an animal- this photo does look edited, however the end result turned out great.

When considering the colors used in this image, it is very monochromatic. There are many values of the tints and shades of gray, with a combination of white and black. Considering this photo has no real colors, just shades and tints of very similar colors- this photo still has a great range of complexity when it comes to the shades used. It doesn’t look dull even though there are only shades used, all of the shades come together very well and compliment the main focus of the photo which is the elephant.

There is a great use of saturation and value in this photo. There is the correct combination of brightness and dullness with the lighting which brings out the features in the best possible way. There is also a good amount of lightness and darkness which creates a happy medium in the value of this photo.

-Maddison Wilson


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