Fall Leaves

After looking around my room, I realized that to my surprise, I had unintentionally taken some pictures a few years ago that featured some elements of the images were studying now.


My dog Angus is a 9-year-old west highland white terrier. He is an all white dog, (when he’s not busy running around in the mud), and his eyes and nose which are black, really meet the eye.


One picture in particular I noticed was taken in my backyard a few years back during the Fall when I was out raking the leaves. Angus was running around and when I looked back he was buried in a pile starring at me.


I grabbed my camera, and snapped a quick picture.


Years later, now that were analyzing pictures, I started to realized that this one picture really had some nice contrast. Angus, my all white dog, is featured in a pile of fall colors such as orange, burgundy, and yellow. The contrast makes him the focal point of the picture.


Also, instead of using rule of thirds, considering I would have no idea what that was 5 years ago, I just made his head the center of the picture, which I think actually worked for this image in particular.





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