Helping a Friend Out (Shannon)

A few weeks ago I was asked to create a Logo for a group project in another course.  Still unfamiliar with the Photoshop program, I sought the help of my friend who is a seasoned professional with Photoshop. I sat down with Zach Gallant, and we discussed things like, alignment, colors, contrast, size, and other important details. Using many of the tools that we have just recently learned to use in class, we used the lasso tool, the eraser tool, and created layers etc. We played around with colors, and one thing that I really noticed is you truly have to test them out to see what works. Here is what we came up with:SLAT logo

Just to give you some background, the marketing project was to design a shoe company’s logo.

We made the Sneaker the focal point, but remembered to include other important information, and made sure the image balanced.

Although I still struggle with Photoshop, it was nice to see how quickly things like a simple logo could be thrown together once you get the hang of it. Hopefully sometime soon I’m able to complete a task like this without that much help. Thanks again, Zach!






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