You know how when there is an annoying sound in the room and you don’t hear it but someone points it out and then you can’t take your mind off of it? Or when you go buy a car and once you have it you see it absolutely everywhere. It all has to do with awareness. Once you have knowledge on a specific topic you are more likely to pay attention to it. Well now that I am aware of different principles in creating designs and different ideas behind them, that is all I see. Even when I watch T.V instead of fast forwarding the commericals (thanks to technology) I watch to see what method they use. The CRAP principles can be applied to commericals as well. Even though they are not stationary contrasts, repetition, alignment, size of words, design, almost every element of print designs can be applied to advertisments. I find it gives me more repect when looking at a print ad. Instead of just seeing it as a whole I picture them putting it together. I picture them making multiple layers and trying different filters to see what would make there ad the best it could possibly be. If the average viewer was more aware of the art maybe they would have more respect. I think now that I am aware of this art it is something I will never be able to ignore.



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