Typography Logo


I found this logo online and thought that it was an awesome example of typography! I love how the designer chose to incorporate the company’s name right into the logo, and not just once! To me, the repetition of the company name really makes me remember it. If this logo had not been made by using this method and was instead just the simple letters “CV” in white on a black background, the name would have been much easier to forget.

This logo also uses one other main theory of design and that is colour contract. I love the bright and vibrant colours that are used in this logo because they make the main text stand out, even though there is text all of this photo. Pink and green are not colours that I would have ever imagined putting together, but it looks awesome!

To me, this logo screams creativity. Something about white and colourful text on a black background shows me, before I even read the title of the company that this is clearly a very creative company. Maybe a graphic design firm? Looking at this logo, I can’t help but wonder what this same logo looks like on regular paper. Clearly, this company cannot print everything on black paper, but I wonder if they keep the black surrounding the text or not. They might not even include to typography in that design!

All in all, I think that the look that this designer has created is eclectic but cohesive which is why my eye was draw to this unique logo.


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