Logo Design

Chelsea Coates, one of my best friends is just finishing up her final semester of a graphic design course. In order to complete the course she needed to take a year of visual arts and one year of graphic design.

Below is one of the paintings that she created last year for a “fire” assignment. I love the warm colours that she decided to use in the Phoenix (orange, red and yellow), but also that she decided to use the contrasting colours of white and blue.



This was the painting that she chose to use for her professional logo. I’m not completely sure how she worked her magic, but somehow she was able to replicate the basics of this painting in Photoshop.


With a little bit of tweaking, she was able to create some texture in the wings, making them look more like feathers. The shadows that she included created depth and makes it seems like everything the bird is actually flying. She then added a bit of text to include her information. Here is a picture:



Finally, the last piece to creating the logo is finding a cool background. This picture incorporates the grey that she had used in the previous designs while creating more texture. It looks like she also applied a bit of a gradient so that it isn’t too shiny.




This is the final product! She plans on using it on her website in the future. I know that a design like this will attract lots of people!

– Erika Murray


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