The Magical World of Advertisments



Since beginning my failing career at Photoshop since the beginning of the semester, I am continuously looking at adds, logos, etc examining just how one may have utilized all the scary wonders of Photoshop. While wasting time on Facebook the other day I came across a friend who had just recently returned from a magical trip to the park were dreams become a reality. This got me thinking. Disney, in my mind, has got to be the most creative place on earth. With that also got me thinking imagine the type of work the are doing with Photoshop from print adds, tv adds, and web adds this mulch-billionaire company is constantly trying to sell you something to either the parent or the kid. When I stumbled upon this picture it got me thinking about the process they would have gone through to assemble it. From the layers upon layers including: the castle, each firework, the rainbow, the dark clouds, the white fluffy clouds, and the text. I can imagine an add such as this, to the unknown looks simple and easy but to the trained (or attempting to be trained, such as myself) eye it is easy to see the difficulty and lengthy process behind it.Now on this long and bumpy road to attempting to understand the scary world of Photoshop, I am going to take Mr. Walt Disneys advice when working with the program and instead of getting frustrated see it as an opportunity.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

Alysha Elliott



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