Lululemon on Facebook




A couple of months ago I “liked” lululemon on Facebook because not only am I a fan of their clothing, but I also enjoy the posts that they create for their followers. I find on a gloomy or slow day, i can look at one of their posts and be motivated to finish a task I am doing, or throw some clothes on and go to the gym.


I find lululemon always uses complementary colours in their ads, and there is always a good flow about them. This particular ad is for people trying to buy presents last minute this holiday season. I really enjoy this ad because of the lighting used in the photo, and the font that accompanies the picture.  Bold but yet simple and delicate at the same time. I think white was the perfect colour to use because is simbolizes purity ( something I think lululemon values) but also jumps out of the picture and captures your attention, especially while scrolling through your newsfeed.

I suggest everyone to take a look at their Facebook page and website when you need a little inspiration or something pretty to look at. (Girls, whether it be the pretty clothes & accessories, and guys… well um you can look at the girls 😉 ) 




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