Having no prior knowledge of computer design or much to do with technology in general this Text-Based Media is an interesting course. I need constant help with the program photo-shop, however the terminology is simple to comprehend just not apply. The first lecture dealt with the design elements CRAP, a humorous way to remember contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. 

Contrast deals with having an object or specific focal point that you want your audience’s eye to be drawn too.  For example if you have a solid black background you probably should avoid using darker colours because it will blend in, when trying to make it pop you could use a red or a yellow. There was an interesting image brought up with a giant waterfall with multiple mini-falls within it. There are four monks walking across and instantly my eye was drawn to them. I always think contrast has to be so forced but the interesting thing about this photograph was that it was very natural but unnatural at the same time.  It kept with the peace and simplicity of nature but having people walking on the water isn’t where they should be, so it caught my attention.

The next point was repetition..the next point was repetition. Okay so you get the point, it is self-explanatory. This element helps make the picture flow together and provide consistency (Williams). Then the final points are alignment and proximity. These are two different concepts but are closely related. Alignment does not necessarily mean in the proper order but more so using the space given wisely. By not leaving too much white on a page layout or not having enough white showing, having it centred or scattered, these are decisions to consider. Lastly Proximity is also using the space given wisely but by grouping what is important together to signify a relationship within the picture.

Overall these elements are key in understanding images but also key to your own work being successfully understood. They come in handy especially when dealing with advertisements or works that will be shared with the public. 



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