Applying what I have learned is harder than I expected. When using the program Photoshop it is easy to manipulate, enhance or completely change images/advertisements. We have been practicing for several classes and although my Professor has been more than understanding and patient, she should see how her students work is positively progressing. The first day I couldn’t even get the program to open. Having different layers was confusing and I kept making errors. Then we added the magic lasso which is a tool meant to make cropping simple but made my life more complicated. It is has to be precise and it took me a while to get the hang of it but I finally did.

Last Thursday our Professor was absent but we had an assignment to recreate an Ad. It was on ski and snow apparel and surprisingly the skills I had learned from her previous classes had stuck in my mind and I was able to apply them. This was a great feeling of accomplishment, I had a few small questions for my peers but overall I found it simple to put together. It is also a good way to stay creative. In public relations so much of our career is reading or writing so to be able to do some marketing in our own way was enjoyable.

This was purely just practice as we used images from the internet and based it from an original ad. Whereas if we were actually working for an organization we would have to be cautious of the legality of the pictures and what is acceptable to use.  I was happy with my design of using colors and an Olympic skier as the main image, but I incorporated all the logos and addresses so it could pass as a public ad. This is all a learning experience but I learn fast and like to add new skills to my list so I can maximize my own potential for being successful.



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