Training Course

After attending a military public affairs training course during February break I noticed a lot of repetition between what we were learning in class and what they are taught. There was also some interesting differences but most of those related to our writing class then it does our text based media. A professional photographer came in and talked about the rule of thirds. We talked about different angles and how to attract your audience. To add on to angles, a student in my other class did a study on how lighting effects the way a consumer perceives a product and if lighting from the left was more attractive tthen lighting from the right. They concluded that if a product was lii from the left in an advertisment the consumer was more likely to go out and purchase this product. This is important to keep in mine when trying to attract the audience to a prouduct. The study was done via a print ad. Lighting for a print ad can be changed in photoshop to better apeal to the audience and make the ad more attractive.

We talked about words and titles. Not specifically to print ads but a journalist talked about how when she worked for the Chronicle Herald they were not allowed to have their titles longer than 140 characters. The reason for this was allignment. If the title was over 140 characters they couldn’t properly allign it with the story making it look very awkward in the newspaper.



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