iPhone Icons – Semiotics


Our generation is so dependent on technology to stay in touch with others that it is hard to imagine going for an entire week without your cell phone. I know that mine is permanently glued to my body and when I put it down for only a few hours, I feel as though part of me is missing. One of the main reasons I always check my phone is to check social media. I want to make sure that I am always up to date on any and all information from a shooting on a bus in Dartmouth to the worst dressed women at the Oscars.

Because I have grown up in this tech savvy environment, I do not need to have the name of each form of social media to recognize what program it is. For example, when I turn on my phone I know that if I want to go on Facebook that I don’t need to type it into the search bar. It is on my home screen in the form of a white letter f on a royal blue background. I recognize the program through the icon that has been burned into my mind. This is an example of semiotics. Any of the icons above you probably know what they stand for, even though there are no names.

These companies have created unique logos that will automatically trigger a response in it’s users. Most people in the world, even if they do not have Facebook or Twitter could probably recognize their icons. Take a minute to think of how many icons you see everyday that you might not even have considered. I bet there are a lot!

– Erika Murray


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