Photography – Emma Watson


I found this beautiful picture on Google Images and figured that it really encompassed the major elements in good photography. Normally I find Emma Watson quite pretty, but this photo really made me take a second look. The photographer made very good choices in the frame composition, colour choices and overall quality of the photo.

For starters, her positioning is perfect. She is not right in the middle of the frame where most photographers would normally put her, but she is off-center, with her nose falling directly on the rule of thirds. I think that the only thing that could have been improved with this photo would be if it were taken just a little bit higher. Her eyes should have also fallen on the rule of thirds for a more dramatic impact.

The colour contrast is also a great aspect of this photo. Even though there isn’t a huge contrast, the colours that they chose for her to wear complement her skin tone and the image that they are trying to portray. By using pinks and light reds, they are enhancing her girlish freckles, giving her a feminine and innocent look. Her loose curls also play on this imagery.

This would be the perfect picture to use for any type of advertisement. The blank space to the left of her indicates that this photo was likely taken for this exact purpose. While there is still open space to the left, the photographer was still very close to Emma. Overall, a great photo!

– Erika Murray


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