Typography of Pepsi


After our class in typography, I began to pay attention to company’s logos that I saw in my everyday life. I began to notice a trend of simplicity and minimalism. I was curious so I thought I would look up old advertisements and logos to see if trend has always been popular. What I found may not surprise you, but old logos and advertisements are notorious for using cursive fonts whereas today’s ads use almost exclusively print fonts without serifs. This trend is especially clear in the pictures I attached of Pepsi-Cola and their logos throughout the last 100 years. For most of the 1900s, a cursive font was used until around 1950 when they began using print style fonts.
Many companies began changing their logos and branding around this time due largely to the rise of the media, both print and visual. Pepsi, like many other companies, followed the trend of print fonts without serifs. The most recognizable company who has not followed this trend is Coca-Cola, however, they are the exception. A simple search for old logos will reveal that many companies have changed to this more simplistic approach. This form of typography in advertising works very well in our culture that praises simplicity and less clutter. This trend can also be seen in schools and in people’s daily lives since cursive is becoming a less and less popular form of writing to the point where I believe it will not be taught in schools anymore.

– Brittany Smith


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