Designing a Business Card



I thought that this was a very interesting business card when I saw it on Google Images. The shape of leaves and tree trunk that were cut out creates a unique texture that is not often seen on business cards. I tried to Google this company, thinking that if I could compare it to the company website I might be able to understand a little bit better why they chose a mostly white business card with only a bit of colour. I discovered that this was just a sample card and that Cleverly Cut wasn’t really a company. Taking that into consideration, I think that they could have done a few things that would make this card more aesthetically pleasing.

I really think that they could have played on the colour green, especially if they are an environmental friendly company. “White Space” does not mean that the space has to be white and I think the colour white was not the best choice for the company. This being said, I think that the colour white works fine on the back of the card because of the large image.

I also agree with Williams that corners should be left empty. I think that the placement of the owners names is not ideal. There is also too much blank space to the right of the address. While the words do not need to be aligned in the center, it should be in the middle between the edge and the main motif.

Even though I think that there are a few things that could have been changed, overall I think that this is a very unique business card.

– Erika Murray



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