Taste Chocolate

Taste Chocolate

After talking about business cards this week in class, I decided to search for a few interesting ones online. Since I am such a chocolate lover, this card immediately caught my attention. But what kept my attention was the overall design of the card.

Before even reading the words on the business card I knew it had something to do with chocolate. I think the colour choice, along with the bite out of the side works as a semiotic for chocolate. I really like the bite out of the side of the card because it’s a creative and playful way to set their card apart from the standard rectangle card. Like we talked about in class, it’s the type of card you would want to hang up on the fridge.

The card is actually quite simplistic and easy to look at. It isn’t over crowded with words and there is plenty of white space, or in this case, brown space left.

They use a sans-serif font throughout the entire card. I like how they use a bright aqua colour for the word ‘taste’ and a cursive font for the word ‘chocolate’ because it makes both words equally stand out.

I really like the layout and alignment of the card, it looks consistent and organized. The most important things stand out.

There are so many business cards that look exactly the same and end up getting thrown in the trash. I think that they took a very clever and simple approach to making their card stand out from the rest. I would certainly hang their card on my fridge, or better yet, I would become a customer!



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