Bad Business Card


Before even considering any of things we’ve learned in this class, I knew this is not what you want out of a business card.

When I first looked at the card, my eye kept travelling over it looking for what stood out as most important. I found the different font styles and colors to be incredibly distracting and the different font sizes does nothing to distinguish important information. Second only to the name, the quote on the card is what stands out to me while important info such as phone and fax numbers, his email address, and website appear muted and less important.

Something that really bothers me is the bottom line. When I first read it I thought it was spam and didn’t consider it the referral to the company’s website important at all. I found the blue line highlighting it to be very distracting and the words were even cut off!

Another thing that does this card no good is the lack of alignment. A lot of the lines don’t appear connected to anything and seem to be thrown in wherever they’ll fit.

My last complaint is about the picture of the man. You don’t often see pictures on people’s business cards and this picture is not helping. If you must put a picture on your business card, my suggestion would be to find one that doesn’t look like a cross between an Elvis impersonation and a mug shot from a ten year old sex crime.

-Alex Greek


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