Business Card Creation

Business Cards

A business card in most cases will be the first official point of contact to a business. It has the potential to make or break business deals, and is just as important as the way you present yourself during a first impression.

It is important to not clutter the card with loads of information. Text on the front generally consists of the contact info while less important information can appear on the back. Logo placement is a critical point in the overall design. In addition to layout, typography is extremely important. It needs to be consistant because too many type fonts can really be confusing.

The two business cards above (courtesy of Google) are poorly layed out and they have far too much information on the one side. EZ-Tops has alot of potential as we would just need to delete some of those cab pictures and redesign the layout. On the front, they should just have their logo, slogan and website and on the back should be all their contact information. They can drop all the cab tops as they are just clutter.

Pick-the-Lock Locksmith is a pretty basic card. Again, there is information that doesn’t need to be there. The logo with the keys  and the company name should be on the front. And on the back, there should be Manuel’s contact info along with a nicely layed out bullet list of his services. Maybe fix up the color and make it more consistant throughout.

– SP



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