Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is a technique used in photography to make photos more interesting. The rule states that if photos are taken with the focus of the picture in a particular area, that photo will become a lot more intriguing and interesting to look at. First, the photographer must imagine that there are two vertical lines and two horizontal lines dividing the picture into thirds both vertically and horizontally. As seen in the picture I included, the four white lines divide the picture into thirds.

The rule of thirds is a very old yet time-tested method for taking photographs. It is widely recognized as a way to make photos look better. The seashell in the picture I included is the first thing the eye is drawn too. With the white lines on the image, it is easy to see that the seashell is in the bottom left quadrant, in the lower and left third of the picture. This picture also exhibits leading lines. After looking at the seashell, my eye was drawn to the break in the sand and I followed it all the way to the sunset.

By using this technique, the photographer made an ordinary picture of a seashell look extraordinary. The smooth sand combined with leading lines and utilizing the rule of thirds makes this picture very aesthetically pleasing. Of course the rule of thirds is not the only element that makes this picture look extremely well, but without the rule of thirds, this picture would be much less interesting and beautiful.




Brittany Smith


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