You say I’m a dreamer…



            “You say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one” is one of my favourite quotes by John Lennon. I, personally, love the way that this image is designed for several reasons including the font, the layout and the images used. The font I find is large and clear so that it can be easily read. I find that sometimes in quote images that are generally found on the web the text is often jumbled or smaller and more difficult to read. This follows in with the typography slides where is talks about font size, point and typeface that are used this image uses.

            The layout of this photo uses a centered format, while we are discouraged to use centering for fear of being too boring or standard- I feel this format works well for this image. I feel like the centered text aligns well with the overall tone image and helps to blend the text into the images.

            The three main elements used in this image are the sky, moon and ocean. The colour scheme of the image is black and white, which works brilliantly with how the image flows together. The text in the image can be seen in the sky part of the photo with the ‘one’ from the quote aligning over the moon. The moon is then seen resting just above the horizon of the ocean. This creates a seamless image that flows together. The viewer’s eye will be automatically drawn to the top of the image and the eye will go down as the image progresses downward. To me these are some of the reasons that I am drawn to this image. 

– Paige Reid

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