Barbie Girl-Connect: Applying and Understanding Skills

Wired_TVRecently in my Direct Marketing class we were asked to do a case study. My group decided to pick the Barbie doll and had to come up with a new campaign for Mattel. My group decided we would take Barbie into the future by making an online game similar to “Sims” called Barbie Girl-Connect. By purchasing the doll you receive a password to login online. Then you can build and create your own world however you please.  The best feature is being able to play with your doll anywhere in the wold by connecting and playing with your friends. We had to create mock ups of how we would advertise and we decided on a poster. This would allow us to reach a broader audience by being able to place the poster in schools, children’s magazines, flyers, bus stops, basically anywhere we choose. The point of using the poster is repetition, because the more people see it the more they will remember it.

We used images from Google and the Photoshop program.  We had the physical Barbie doll and an image of a globe. The globe was the signifier of the world of where you can go with this game. The part I found the most interesting was the use of the cord. It was originally wrapped around the world to signify being connected globally but when we found one in the infinity sign we knew it was a perfect match for our idea.  Our idea was dream big with this game, there are infinite options and opportunities and will literally never end. That was being signified through the use of the cord.

The final step was creating our slogan which was “Barbie Girl-Connect, Your Would, Your Way”.  We actually made each segment a different font or somehow different. This worked for us and of course our coloring scheme was based on the already popular Barbie pink. Using glitter to add some sparkle and attract a young girls eye. We kept it simple so that it would be easy for everyone to understand and grasp their attention. I would proud as I had learnt the skills necessary in this class to apply to another to be successful.

-Adrienne Henley


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